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The latest rains replenish the water reserves of the Estate Nadal

Nadal’s Dry farming viticulture allows breaking the uniformity of the different crops and is more sustainable and respectful of the environment

Torrelavit, February 2018.The latest rains will remedy the rain shortage in the Penedès region and in particular in the Nadal Estate, which since the fall of 2015 have suffered from a lack of water. While the average rainfall in January and February in the 21st century does not exceed 67 litres, the first two months of 2018 have exceeded 150 litres. We registered at Nadal, during the month of January rainfall of 60 litres, and up until February 13, precipitation reached 94 litres!

The drought of 2015 resulted in a significant reduction of crops in 2016 and 2017 but happily the latest rains are making that good. According to the General Director of Nadal, Xavier Nadal : “We can sleep easy since the Nadal Estate’s land has an extraordinary capacity to gradually get the water to the strains to ripen the grapes.”

The Nadal Estate practises dry farming viticulture which relies on only rainwater to sustain the vine. This is because it is more sustainable and also because it concentrates the smell and taste of the wines from each vintage and thereby breaks away from the usual uniformity, in this respect, of the crop.

Dry farming viticulture is increasingly rare in the production of wine. Nonetheless at Nadal, we have chosen to keep this tradition as a way of respecting the link between the estate and its natural surroundings.

Enclosed the average rainfall in January and February since 2000 (21st century):


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