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Nadal-Finca-de-la-Boadella We listen to nature Our wines Since 1943

Only the extraordinary harvests from our estate are vinified and bottled under the Nadal brand, synonymous of style and guaranteed quality.

    The Climate Change leaves a mark on the 2022 harvest
    We have a privileged land where, even during the dramatic drought, the vine has completed the grape ripening exclusively with the rainwater. CLIMATOLOGY: this has been a very dry year…
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    Plot Twist, a new Corpinnat inspired by the fourth generation of Nadal
    The new sparkling wine includes Malvasia de Sitges to expand the range of Corpinnats of the winery and to approach young consumers Nadal puts its faith in Malvasia de Sitges…
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    Enric Nadal i Rigol passed away
    Heir of the founder, Ramon Nadal Giró, drove the modernization of the winery and established the basis of the current values of the brand. Enric Nadal i Rigol, representative of…
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    Since 1943