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Nadal-Finca-de-la-Boadella We listen the nature Our wines Since 1943
Multivintage coupage reaffirmed as the characteristic trait of Nadal Brut Reserva Original
This method allows us to combine extraordinary vintages and highlight the cellar’s extensive experience. Torrelavit, February 22nd 2021. – The mutivintage coupage -blending wines from different vintages- reasserts as the…
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NADAL X xarel·lo white wines will only be made from extraordinary harvests
After bottling, they will remain in the cellar for a minimum of 6 months to achieve optimum refinement The Nadal winery is committed to “medium-aged” wines made exclusively from vintages…
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Nadal forecasts the smallest harvest in the last 75 years
A good part of the production has been damaged by mildiu, which this year has spread widely in the Penedès region as a result of an exceptional episode of excess…
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Since 1943