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The Climate Change leaves a mark on the 2022 harvest

We have a privileged land where, even during the dramatic drought, the vine has completed the grape ripening exclusively with the rainwater.

CLIMATOLOGY: this has been a very dry year and the temperature was over the average. At the ends of spring, we suffered from the longest and most intense heat wave that we can remember, and the summer was suffocating. But the minimum temperatures in our estate rarely were over 20ºC, this eased a quality ripening of our grapes.

THE HARVEST: the Nadal Estate 2022 harvest has been the earliest ever seen. We started harvesting Macabeu variety the 18th of August and, 27 days after, on Tuesday the 14th of September, we finished the harvest for Corpinnat, White wines of Xarel·lo and Xarel·lo Vermell and Rosé wine. On Wednesday the 5th of October we finished harvesting the Macabeu for the sweet wines. Ending definitively the 2022 harvest.

The number of grapes per vine has been normal, but the weight of the grape was very low. All these elements together made this harvest the smallest that we have ever had in the estate. The harvest has been different than usual, but that is exactly what makes them interesting. The magic of the Wine World continues…

CURIOSITIES: Talking about the climate, the last 2 campaigns we have suffered from the harsh drought. The registers of the last two vine years (from the 1st of October until the 30th of September) were 313,4 and 335,2 L/m2 respectively. This rain represents only the 60% of the average rain in Penedès, which usually is 550 L.

HARVEST 2022 VALUATION: the grapes from the 41 plots in the Nadal Estate have entered into the winery in their optimal ripeness. As a result, we will obtain interesting wines to elaborate medium aging Corpinnats – from 2 to 6 years -, very gastronomic white wines from Xarel·lo and extraordinary sweet wines.

Xavier Nadal Penadés



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