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The exceptional 2003 vintage of Botrytis Noble sweet wine, ready for your enjoyment

In 1998, Nadal crafted the first Botrytis natural sweet wine in Spain. Twenty-five years later, the marketing of the 2003 vintage now begins, the fourth harvest of this exclusive sweet wine produced by the winery.

The Botrytis is considered one of the most perfect systems for making great sweet wines. The must resulting from affected grapes is extraordinarily sweet, and, once the first fermentation is complete, a minimum of 100 g/l of natural residual sugar remains. This imparts a smoothness and harmony that is perfected with aging in 300-liter Allier oak barrels and a long aging process in small tanks in our underground cellar.

After this careful and prolonged process, we can now enjoy its fruits. 2003 vintage neared perfection, with an ideal climate to achieve this type of wine. 4,500 litres resulted, which have been transformed into 11,998 bottles of 37.5 cl and 426 bottles of 50 cl that will remain in the cellar to augment the existing Family Reserve from the 1998, 2000, and 2001 vintages.

The Nadal 1510 Botrytis Noble 2003 is a sweet wine with a captivating golden colour, an unctuous body, and a very well-balanced and delectable sweetness. These characteristics make it ideal for appetizers and contrasting pairings. A blue cheese, foie gras, some oysters… and a glass of Nadal 1510. The spectacle that will unfold on your palate will be worthwhile. You can now savour this little gem!


%vol.: 12,4%vol.   –   Natural sugar: 130 gr./l.   –   Gluconic acid: 1,3 gr./l.   –   Glycerol: 16,1 gr./l.


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