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Nadal concludes its best harvest in twenty years

It began with the Macabeu grapes on the 2nd of September and finished with the Xarel.lo Vermell on the 2nd of October

The vintage This year’s harvest is the first Finca Nadal vintage destined for Corpinnat. Beginning on the 2nd of September with the Macabeu, and ending a month later on the 2nd of October with the Xarel.lo Vermell, it was a relaxed and unhurried harvest. The crop was well-balanced, with healthy, full grapes. Sugar concentration was above average, and acidity was well-maintained as the harvest progressed. Climate conditions The autumn saw average rainfall increase to 277 litres, well above the habitual 218 litres of the last 20 years. Winter was very dry, but the soil retained sufficient nutrients, and the vines developed normally. During the spring, the rains returned, and temperatures were similar to historical averages, with May being colder than usual and an intense record-breaking heatwave throughout Europe in the last week of June. Minimum temperatures in July and August oscillated between 15 and 18 degrees, lower than average for the Penedès region. These temperature variations, along with the pruning of each vine to balance the quantities of leaves and fruit, ensure that the bunches ripen slowly. In turn, the gradual ripening of the grapes guarantees the conservation of the distinctive properties that allow us to produce truly remarkable sparkling and white wines. The varieties The traditional indigenous varieties of Macabeu, Xarel.lo, and Parellada introduced by the Seven Sages of Greece after the phylloxera outbreak not only adapt perfectly to our terroir but also mature in staggered stages. Nadal’s efforts to replenish the land with these varieties throughout the last 25 years have paid off because each of the varieties can be harvested at the optimal moment, which means work in the vineyard and the cellar takes place at a leisurely pace. It’s about simplifying the production process and working conscientiously to achieve a job well done.


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