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Multivintage coupage reaffirmed as the characteristic trait of Nadal Brut Reserva Original

This method allows us to combine extraordinary vintages and highlight the cellar’s extensive experience.

Torrelavit, February 22nd 2021. – The mutivintage coupage -blending wines from different vintages- reasserts as the Characteristic trait of Nadal Brut Reserva Original which is elaborated this way since the foundation of the cellar in 1943. This method, unusual for the elaboration of sparkling wines, permits us to choose the best years of each variety to obtain coupages that reinforce Nadal’s style.

The elaboration of sparklings using wines from different vintages comes from the founder’s expertise Ramon Nadal Giró in the conservation of wines in the cellar. Ramón Nadal Giró was born in 1903, at that time Penedès started to replant the devastated vineyards that suffered from the Phylloxera plague. During the Spanish Civil war his enterprising spirit brought him to rent a winery in La Mancha and send the alcohols produced in his distillery to elaborate mistelles (grape juice fortified with alcohol). This activity was very profitable and he reinvested all the income in the construction of a cellar under the family winery. In 1941 the vineyard that the army had converted into an airfield was recovered and the foundational cellar, where nowadays our most valued Corpinnats age, was finally built.

Working in the Distillery he learned to select and conserve the wines in the cellar during the whole year to little by little transform them into spirit. This process has become an inseparable feature from the Nadal Brut’s personality that since it’s beginning, in 1943, includes an assemblage of different vintages to guarantee the Nadal Brut’s original style that marked the very first bottles.

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