Corpinnat Sparkling

All of our sparkling wines, in addition to meeting the strict requirements established by Corpinnat, are made exclusively with grapes from sustainable vineyards of our Estate– where Rainfed agriculture allows us to highlight the organoleptic characteristics of each harvest – and have a bottle aging in the underground cellars that goes from two to twenty years.


A very long aging sparkling wine made with the best selection of xarel·lo harvests in tribute to our founder Ramon Nadal Giró


A vintage sparkling wine with fresh and savory style made with Macabeo from vineyards with more than 50 years


The imprint of our origins in a fresh and current sparkling wine

Since February 2019, our sparkling wine has been categorised as Corpinnat, a quality seal that certifies not only its origin, but also one of the most discerning production techniques (in both the vineyard and the cellar) in the world: 100% manual and 100% organic harvesting, complete wine-making process on the property, and ageing for a minimum of 18 months. It’s a philosophy that pays testament to our predecessor, Ramon Nadal Giró, who in 1943 had already committed our winery to organic production, extended ageing, and the use of traditional grape varieties. In 2015, our cellar, along with five other premium producers (Gramona, Llopart, Recaredo, Sabaté i Coca, and Torelló), spearheaded the movement, which, three years later, led to the emergence of the collective Corpinnat seaL. A category which, today, is fast becoming a benchmark for quality sparkling wines from all over the world.


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Since 1943