Gran Salvatge Brut 2014

Do you know why we call it Salvatge? Because the harvest of 1984 gave us “wild” wines: with a lot of structure and character, very fresh and aromatic. The long ageing in the cellar gives them softness and nobility.

Sparkling wine Corpinnat
Grape variety: 59% Macabeu | 31% Parellada own crop
Harvest: 2014
Nº bottles: 2.995

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“Cool, expressive, complex, creamy, persistent, very small and abundant bubbles, … and much more.”

Ideal with fish stews.

Selecció Salvatge Corpinnat


Intense yellow colour with golden reflections. Very tiny bubble. Fresh aroma with white fruits notes and occasionally crystallized fruit. Creamy, persistent, lively with elegant hints of breeding.

Service temperature

7-9º C.

Best time for consumption

3 years after disgorging date.

Storage conditions

It is recommended to keep the sparkling wine inside the box in an upright position, at a temperature of 10-20ºC, avoiding direct sunlight.

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