Gran Salvatge Brut Rosé 2014

Magnum and rosé, a sparkling wine where bottle aging never stops, maintaining the fresh notes of red fruit and creaminess on the palate. For special occasions.

Sparkling wine corpinnat
Grape variety: 100% Pinot Noir – Estate grown
Harvest: 2014
Nº bottles: 1.990

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“Grand Salvatge Rosé, a flavorful, creamy, and fresh sparkling wine that seduces”

The prelude to a great meal. The first glass, of course. If it can be a magnum, even better!

Selecció Salvatge Corpinnat


Pale terracotta colour. Abundant and fine bubbles excellently integrated. Very fresh aroma with redcurrant and crystallized red fruit notes. Fresh and creamy with elegant notes of red fruits.

Service temperature

7-9º C.

Best time for consumption

During the 5 years after disgorgement date.

Storage conditions

It is recommended to keep the sparkling wine inside the box in an upright position, avoiding direct sunlight, humidity, and sudden temperature changes.

Ideal storage temperature: Below 20ºC.

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