Nadal 1510 Botrytis Noble 2003

One cold, sunny autumn morning in 1995, while walking around the estate, we noticed that the grapes we had left to harvest were extremely sweet. We wanted to know more and discovered that they were grapes affected by the Botrytis fungus, one of the most perfect overripening systems for producing extraordinary sweet wines. Three years later, we made the first harvest of Macabeu grapes affected by this fungus. We were starting a new range of wines with an incredible aromatic richness that everyone fall in love with.

D.O. Penedès
Grape varieties: 100% Macabeu – Estate grown
Vineyard: La Segarra
Harvest: 2003
Aging: 10 months in 300 litre Allier oak barrels.
Nº bottles: 11.998

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“Open the bottle and let it breathe for a few minutes…”

Tastos i Maridatges a Caves Nadal


Pale gold. Intense aroma with notes of honeyed fruit and those of the Botrytis Cinerea.
Perfect balance between acidity, sugars and alcoholic strength.

Service temperature


Optimal consumption time

It will improve in the bottle, at least for the 25 years following the bottling date.

Storage conditions

It is recommended to keep the wine inside the box in a horizontal position, avoiding direct sunlight, humidity, and sudden temperature changes.

Ideal storage temperature: Below 20ºC.