Bubbles & Cheese

We show you how to enjoy the different textures and smells of cheese in perfect harmony with the premium sparkling wine, with a special emphasis on the contrasts as well as the complementary qualities.

Duration: 2h.
Includes: Visit and taste with pairing
Groups: Minimum 2 pax – maximum 30 pax
Place: Finca Nadal

28,00 / persona

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Bubbles & Cheese. A perfect pairing

Cheese is a product with a variety of textures and aromas that, along with the sparkling wine, forms a perfect harmony, either by contrast or complementarity. Xerigots is a cheese curator that has an ample cheese range from worldwide, directly imported from small cheese factories. They prepare our Sparkling Wine & Cheese pairings for our delight

The visit

The visit begins in the vineyards of the estate Nadal de la Boadella, some of which are more than 65 years old. In the middle of the estate are located the house, the winery, and the original cellar, built in 1943.
We continue the tour through the main stages of the process of elaboration of sparkling wine.
We will visit the cellar at a depth of more than 20 m, where the bo¬ttles are resting and we are able to witness the second fermentation.

The pairing

Blanc de Sora Cheese & Salvatge Rosé Brut 2014.
Cendrat de Clua Cheese & Ramon Nadal Giró Brut 2011.
Forcat d’Artefor Cheese & Nadal X Blanc 2018.
Blau del Net Cheese & Nadal 1510 Botrytis Noble 2001.

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