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NADAL X xarel·lo white wines will only be made from extraordinary harvests

After bottling, they will remain in the cellar for a minimum of 6 months to achieve optimum refinement

The Nadal winery is committed to “medium-aged” wines made exclusively from vintages classified as extraordinary in the NADAL X range of organic xarel·lo and xarel·lo vermell still wines. This new line of work responds to the winery’s desire to take a step forward in terms of quality in this range, as it did years ago with its sparkling wines.

With these changes, the winery’s general manager and oenologist, Xavier Nadal, believes that Nadal will be able to offer “wines with more intensity, aromatic persistence and volume”. After spending the whole winter refining in the tank by the bâtonnage system – weekly dissolution of the fine lees in the wine itself – these wines remain in the cellar for a minimum of six months in the bottle before being marketed.

For more than 75 years, the Nadal family has been making sparkling wines on the 100 hectares of organic vineyards surrounding the Can Nadal de la Boadella farmhouse and winery. In 1998 Nadal produced the first single-varietal xarel·lo. And since 2014, and after a long work of recovery and rediscovery of the xarel·lo vermell variety, the second white wine of the NADAL X line was launched on the market.


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