Nadal X Vermell 2023

The commitment to a historical variety from Penedès on the brink of extinction, with only 100 hectares worldwide currently. The first harvest, in 2014, was already born under the Nadal X label. It is marketed every year starting from April 1st.

D.O. Penedès – Costers de Lavernó
Grape variety: 100% organic Xarel·lo Vermell – Estate grown
Harvest: 2023

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“Discover the freshness and creaminess of a unique variety with very limited production.”

Try it to accompany elaborately crafted tapas.

Vins Nobles Blancs Xarel·lo


Yellow colour with subtle copper reflections. Fragrances of stone fruit with hints of spices Smooth, complex wine with different layers and versatile for any meal.

Service temperature

8-10º C.

Optimal consumption time

The wine will improve in the bottle, at least for 5 years following the harvest.

Storage conditions

It is recommended to store the wine inside the box in an upright position, protected from light, humidity, and sudden temperature changes.

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