RNG10 Brut Nature 2004

Only the finest harvests of Xarel·lo become RNG Brut. And only the best vintages of RNG, after extended aging of over 10 years, turn into RNG10 Brut Nature.

Sparkling wine corpinnat
Grape varieties: 52% Xarel·lo | 32% Parellada | 16% Macabeu – Estate grown
Harvest: 2004
Nº bottles: 5.287

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“Legendary harvests of Xarel·lo with over ten years of bottle aging in the foundational cellar”

When your dish asks for a great red wine, choose the RNG10. It will surprise you!

Ramón Nadal Giró Corpinnat


Intense yellow colour with golden reflections. Very tiny and abundant bubble. Aromas of ripe fruit with a light floral hint set against a brioche background peppered with fine aniseed notes.
Smooth, elegant, refreshing and creamy, with a flawless integration of the bubbles. Exceptional wine quality and aromatic complexity.

Serving temperature

8-10º C. To enjoy the ultimate expession of this sparkling wine uncap the bottle, having previously cooled it to the ideal temperature and let it stand for 10 miutes on ice before drinking. Serve it delicately, with the glass slightly tilted, to preserve the bubbles that store the aromatic taste sensations of this unique sparkling wine.

Best time for consumption

During the 3 years after the disgorgement date.

Storage conditions

It is recommended to keep the sparkling wine inside the box in an upright position, avoiding direct sunlight, humidity, and sudden temperature changes.

Ideal storage temperature: Below 20ºC.

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