Brut Nature Corpinnat Selection

Discover sparkling wines with character but very fine and harmonious. The best harvests on our Estate allow us to make corpinnats that, after a very long aging process in the cellar, do not require the addition of dosage to achieve ideal harmony and balance.

Nadal Brut Nature 2016: 57% Parellada | 43% Macabeu
Salvatge Brut Nature 2015: 51% Macabeu | 38% Parellada | 11% Xarel·lo
RNG 10 Brut Nature 2004 without case: 53% Xarel·lo | 47% Parellada

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“Only the long aging of the best harvests gives the best brut nature”

Bodega Caves Nadal

Serving temperature

6-9º C.

Optimal time of consumption

During the 3 years after its disgorging.

Storage conditions

It is recommended to keep the sparkling wine inside the box in an upright position at a temperature of 10-20ºC, avoiding light and sudden changes in temperature.

Ideal storage temperature: Below 20ºC.

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