Les petjades del Vesper

As a result of the collaboration between the City Council of Santa Margarida i els Monjos and Nadal, we present a sensory experience with content, a pairing activity that combines historical memory, oenology.

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Combined visit CIARGA and Refugi del Serral and Nadal

The activity begins its journey at the Air War Interpretation Center (CIARGA) and Serral Refuge in Santa Margarida i els Monjos, a unique and reference museum facility, where we will learn about the footprint left by the municipality during the Civil War and, especially Republican aviation, with the construction of the airfield, aircraft assembly workshops and one of the best-preserved shelters. We will then travel to Nadal where we will discover, still present among the vineyards, the remains of the old Sabanell aerodrome which, together with that of the Monks, operated in the network called the Vesper de la Gloriosa.

The visit

The visit begins in the vineyards of the Nadal de la Boadella estate, some of which are over 65 years old. In the center, there is the farmhouse, the winery, and the foundation cava, built in 1943.

We will continue with a tour of the main stages of the cava production process. And the old warehouse used as a hangar during the war, the cellar more than 20m deep where we will see the bottles rest and we will witness the second fermentation.

The tasting

The visit ends with an annotated tasting of our wines Nadal Brut Nature 2015, Nadal Brut Reserva Original and noble white wines Nadal X Blanc 2019 and Nadal X Vermell 2019.

Tourist Information: CIARGA website / Tel. 669 287 539 / ciarga@ciarga.cat.

It is held every 2nd Saturday and Sunday of the month at 10:30 am
Except: January 1-10 // April 5 // June 24 // August afternoons // December 25 and 26, 2021


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