L’Aliança / Alex Carrera Alonso



Vermouth hour

Olive and white vermouth

Pickled mussel pie

Perol pump

Mushroom trilogy

Mimetic chocolate with mushrooms

Mushroom fritter with milk

Mushroom water

Pan de nuestros amigos de La Fogaina

Degustación de aceites catalanes

Atún marinado

curioso, consomé de tomate

Beef tartar

jelly and caper jam, smothered potatoes

Vegetable and sprout minestrone

summer and the surrounding area, roasted onion broth

Hake coconuts

pil-pil of their heads, corpinnat sauce, codec seaweed

fish shop

citrus, green beans

Duroc pig ear

orecchiette, da temprano, cream chard

Acorn-fed duck

its real corn

Green apple

bergamot, avocado, yogurt


five spice, toasted cookie

Mediterranean herb sweets for coffee

Pineapple jelly and. . .

Macaró of. . .

Chocolate, honey and. . .

Wine list

RNG20 Brut Nature 1997

RNG10 Brut Nature 2004

Gran Salvatge Brut Rosé 2014

Salvatge Brut Nature 2013

Nadal Brut Nature 2015

Nadal 1510 Botrytis Noble 2001


From Barcelona Linie R4 Station Laver – Subirats
From Tarragona Linie R2 Station Lavern-Subirats

Bicycle rentals

Mr. Albert Massana +34649273332


Miss. Natalie Lamberti Tel. +34633030383

Motorhome area:

  • Our Motorhome parking area is a parking space where you can only stay one night.
  • It is not a camping or picnic area.
  • Please park the vehicle inside the markings on the ground.
  • Users of the motorhome area are kindly requested to maintain it in a perfect state of cleanliness.
  • Please respect the peace and quiet of the neighbours at all times.
  • You may use the table located next to the Motorhome area.
  • This space may be used for free.
  • Prior reservation required, tel 938988011. Schedule to confirm reservations:

Monday to Thuesday from 9.00h to 18.00h
Friday to Sanday from 10.00h to 14.00h

Availability all year