Since its origins, the cellar of Torrelavit has applied farming techniques that take care of the environment and prioritise respect for the environment and health.

Torrelavit, March 1, 2016.- Nadal has made the transition towards organic viticulture through the registration, in August 2015, of 100 hectares of the Estate Nadal de la Boadella with the Catalan Council of Organic Agricultural Production (CCPAE). The cellar of Torrelavit will begin to label the bottles of white wines and cavas with the ECO label from the harvest 2018, having then passed the three-year period of transition established by the CCPAE.

This step is the culmination of a long process, during which Nadal has consistently applied farming techniques that take care of the environment, protecting the health of the consumer and the producer.

The sensitivity and respect for the native flora and fauna and the constant search for quality in their products has lead the winery to apply careful cultivation techniques to the more than forty vineyards surrounding the winery, the cellar and the family home. A detailed knowledge of the vines, the capacity of the land to produce top-quality grapes and extensive experience in the traditional methods of production of white wines and cavas have been the driving principles of Nadal for generations.

Nadal has opted, from its very beginnings, for the controlled use of chemicals to ensure quality, without prejudice to the environment and at a socially equitable price. The confirmation of climate change over the last twenty years has been the key factor in the winery taking a decisive step towards a viticulture free ofpesticides, herbicides and artificial fertilizers, since, in the new climate context, the fight against pests by means of organic products allows to guarantee the quality standards historically associated with the Nadal brand.