The Nadal Estate basically grows the local varieties of Penedès white grapes: Macabeu, Xarel•lo, Red Xarel·lo and Parellada.

The vines, some of which are more than 65 years old, provide balanced and high quality grape production.

Currently, the Nadal Estate produces more grapes than needed to cover the entire production. This allows us to select the best grapes for our products.


The Macabeo grape is very popular, as it allows elaborating complex sparkling wines with structure and fresh and fruity aromas. It is harvested in early September. The grapes are very compact, medium-sized with golden colour. The juice is quite sweet with medium acidity.

At the Nadal Estate, located near Sant Sadurní, in 1998 we produced the first sweet white wine of Spain with Macabeo grapes affected naturally by the fungus Botrytis Noble.


Xarel·lo is the flagship variety of Penedès. Harvested in mid-September, it allows us to produce pale sparkling wines with ochre tones, voluminous in the mouth and with ripe fruit aromas.
Counting on harvesting early October, we shall obtain a fresh white wine, tasty and persistent, with herbaceous aromas and memories of flowers and white fruits.
The grape, not very compact, is medium to large size and amber colour. Xarel·lo is a variety that brings more sugar and acidity.

Contains a high concentration of resveratrol, a phenolic compound that helps to prevent cardiovascular disease.

Red Xarel·lo

The Red Xarel·lo has all the properties that qualify it as a white grape variety, although the skin’s pale red tone provides a sophisticated touch.

Its skin is thicker than the white and it has a higher natural acidity, which allows us to delay the harvest until the beginning of October, obtaining a dry white wine with red reflections, slightly spicy aromas, touches of menthol and noticeable freshness and smoothness on the palate.


The Parellada provides pale sparkling wines with greenish reflections, delicate floral aromas, and smoothness and softness in palate. Mature in the second half of September, the grape, which is quite compact, consists of large greenish grains with golden reflections and slightly pink colour. Although it is less sweet and acid variety, it is considered indispensable to produce sparkling wines for its delicate aroma and smoothness on the palate.

In Penedès it is also called montònec or montònega (montona).

Pinot noir

The Pinot Noir is a French variety ideal for the production of sparkling wines. It is harvested in mid-August. The grape is very small and compact. This variety provides very sweet and acid juices, ideal to make rosés like the Salvatge Rosé.

The Pinot Noir is the only foreign variety that is grown in the Nadal Estate.